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18 Epsilon Eridani b (HD 22049 b)
18 Epsilon Eridani B (HD 22049 B)



Played by

Chris Maroney


Knifed (revived)

First Appearance

First day at Walton Middle School

 18 Epsilon Eridani b (real name Chauncy Wiggles also known as HD 22049b) was Earth's victim teaching Mercury and all the other planets, about fractions, when Jupiter spits a seed at him, thus causing him to reveal himself as a male teacher of eighth grade. Unknown for who he was a substitude of Vausta's classroom at Walton last year, the second time Saturn spits an apple seed at him until he got knifed into six pieces he said he likes Angels not Dodgers.


  • He was a supporting planet of the Solar System.
  • 18 Epsilon Eridani b told Jupiter that he has one.
  • The planet would be surprised and stunned when he saw two moons Luna and Protoluna dominating the Earth's sky.
  • He hates people saying that 18 Epsilon Eridani b (HD 22049b) himself a cracker might be offensive.
  • His favorite baseball team was Angels.
  • 18 Epsilon Eridani b reads a book about Cirque du Freak - a living nightmare.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Chris Maroney (UK/US; eighteenth season onwards)
  • Kyousei Tsukui (Japan; eighteenth season onwards)

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