Future Jupiter



Played by

Christopher S. Tran



First Appearance

Jupiter Destroyer or Savior (deleted scene cameo)

Future Jupiter is a character who only appeared in Jupiter: Destroyer or Savior & Back to the Planet Future. He came back in time to save Jupiter from Evil Jupiter. He doesn't look evil. He looks like a hero of The Solar System. Future Jupiter protects Jupiter, Saturn, and all the outer planets from Evil Jupiter.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Future Jupiter. According to Evil Jupiter, Jupiter from the future is the only one that can stop him because he knew the location of the whistling pinwheel. He also rotates counter-clockwise like some of the other planets in our solar system that are new.

Future Jupiter at glance Edit

  • Distance from The Sun: 483,000,000 miles
  • Distance from Earth: 220,000,000 miles
  • Diameter: 91,896 miles
  • Orbital Period: 12 years
  • Rotation: 10 hours 15 minutes
  • Temperature: -226°F
  • Moons: 50

Basis Edit

Future Jupiter is based on the future of The Solar System. His basis is one of Jupiter's in the year 2002 he was a big planet the size of Jupiter.

Appearances Edit

  • Jupiter Destroyer or Savior (deleted scene)
  • Season 19 - Back to the Solar System's Future, Back to Summer School, and various episodes.

Voice Actors Edit

  • Christopher S. Tran (UK/US; nineteenth season onwards)
  • Yūki Sāto (Japan; nineteenth season onwards)
  • Fabrice Trojani (French & France speaking Canada; nineteenth season onwards)


  • Hey! You're an Orange
  • (laughing) nyahahahaha.
  • Well duh! He was from an evil future Evil Jupiter was tricking you that I was a space warlord but it was him.
  • I was sent here to protect you from an evil space warlord.


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