Jupiter (Season 2)



Played by

Omar Sanchez


Knifed & juiced (revived), crushed by anvil (revived again)

First Appearance

Jupiter Destroyer or Savior (deleted scene)

Jupiter (the planet that appeared in Season 2) was the main antagonist of the episode More Gas Giants. He was seen being taken out of the cooler that Dane Boedigheimer placed on the counter. Earth and Jupiter, at first! was delighted to see another orange in the kitchen. But when Jupiter (Season 2) began to tell jokes, he kept interrupting by making noises (much like Jupiter does). This, however, upset and annoyed Gas Giant. Jupiter was very frustrated until he saw a juicer being placed right next to another gas giant. Knifed but was then summoned on another planet, and he was juiced. Jupiter was relieved by his dismissal, but he was short-lived, as more Jupiter-like planets showed up and being annoyed by Jupiter. This planet Jupiter later appeared in Annoying ways to die as a glass of orange juice who was later being crushed by an anvil. An actor later played this planet Jupiter in Crappy Captioned 4: More Gas Giants.


He is the second character and gas giant in the series & was a first to actually annoy Jupiter.


Jupiter (Season 2) is based on Billington E2-Class 0-6-0's. The planet was 92,200 miles in diameter. It is at least 1.43 times the mass of Jupiter's. His basis was one of Jupiter's minus the 67 moons.


He also appeared in the nineteenth season song Annoying ways to die.

Voice Actors Edit

  • Omar Sanchez (UK/US; eighteenth season onwards)
  • Yūki Satō (Japan; second season onwards)

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