A picture of the light dip as the planet goes in front of its star!

Kepler 10b is a planet that orbits the star Kepler 10, 560 light-years from our solar system in the Draco constellation. Kepler 10b is very likely a terrestrial planet as its mass is that of a super earth of near 5 earth masses.


  • Mass around 5 Earth masses
  • Radius around 1.4 Earth's
  • Orbit 20.1 hours at .016 AU from its star
  • Surface temperatures likely 1800 C. Far too hot for life.


  • Kepler 10b is likely far too close to its star to support life.
  • Kepler 10b most likely has a ocean of lava on its star facing side.
  • Nasa yesterday revealed details of Kepler 10b, the smallest known planet outside our solar system and the first to be confirmed as ‘undoubtedly rocky’.(2)
  • Any terrestrial planet over 1 Earth mass is a super Earth.

A artist pic of 10b as a lava planet...




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