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Nightmare Neptune
Nightmare Neptune
Nightmare Neptune



Played by

Andres Ledesma


Grated and eaten, crushed by anvil

First Appearance

A Cheesy Episode of Nightmare Neptune

Nightmare Neptune (real name Ryan Hunter) was a character who only appeared in A Cheesey Episode of Nightmare Neptune. His temper was extremely short and crabby when Jupiter was making fun of him. Nightmare Neptune strongly hate Jupiter since they firstly met, Jupiter then precededly told puns Nightmare Neptune finally snapped and singed a song in order to prevent him listening to Jupiter, but still, he is annoyed by Earth and Jupiter as they sang with him, until he ordered them to stop. He became overjoyed until Dane Boedigheimer grated him with the cheese grater. But, survives and the cries while Earth tries to annoy him with Jupiter again as a cheese pizza to regret what causes his death.


Nightmare Neptune was irritable and short-tempered character. He strongly hated Earth, Jupiter, and there puns. He also attempted to be nice by telling Earth and Jupiter he is not playing there game. 


Nightmare Neptune was based on the ice giants in the galaxy, a Hughes Falcon 0-4-2ST. Neptune and the other hot neptunes simular to Neptune shared the same basis.


He also appeared in a nineteenth season song called Annoying ways to die. Nightmare Neptune also appeared in 10 billion kills, death clips, and was killed be a grater and got crushed by an anvil.

Voice Actors Edit

  • Andres Ledesma (UK/US; eighteenth season onwards - AUS; eighteenth season onwards)
  • Nobuhiko Kazama (Japan; first season onwards)

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