Saturn (Autotuned)



Played by

Fernando Beltran


Short-circuited (revived)

First Appearance

Jupiter gets autotuned

Saturn (Autotuned) is a Character that appeared in Jupiter gets autotuned. Protosaturn suceeds making Jupiter bored by telling him different things he can do, which of all Jupiter finds boring.

Quotes Edit

  • "Is there something I can help you with Jupiter.
  • "Yes you keep saying that.
  • "Yes?
  • "Point effect Jupitee you don't have a nose.
  • "I don't have a nose either!"
  • "Quit it.
  • "Oh sure I can I could do all kinds of things, I can tell you your exact GPS format is ????!
  • "Ugh? Dude don't do that my warranty's almost up.
  • "I can help you do your taxes.
  • "Please stop that.
  • "Thats getting really annoying.
  • "Stop it!
  • "You know what I can do I can autotune you and make you less annoying.
  • "Well thank you.
  • "Ugh ugh. Dude you're getting juice on my electronics?"
  • "Errrrr.
  • "What Jupiter?
  • "I told you Jupiter we don't have noses!"
  • "The only thing I smell is....."
  • "Uh oh.

Basis Edit

Protosaturn's is a hydrid ringed planet of The Solar System (Our Solar System). His basis is one of Saturn's in the 2000s.

Voice Actors Edit

  • Fernando Beltran (UK/US; sixteenth season onwards)
  • Hiroshi Tsuchida (Japan; eighteenth season onwards)
  • Christoffer Staib (Norway; eighteenth season onwards)
  • Adrian Perdjon (Poland; sixteenth season onwards)
  • José Luis Rivera (Mexico; sixteenth season onwards)
  • Mercedes Espinosa (Spain; sixteenth season onwards)

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