Evil Jupiter > Saturn (Bad Saturn) > WASP-18b  
Bad Saturn



Played by

Timothy Tong


Engulfed by The Red Giant Sun

First Appearance

Bad Saturn

Bad Saturn was a main antagonist of the episode Bad Saturn. He was seen bullying Earth, Luna (The Moon), Jupiter and the gang while they were in the school yard. He had thrown the basket at S/2003 J 19's mower, flung Europa off of the teeter-toter, gave V391 Pegasi b "swirlie", and made Earth, Luna (The Moon), Jupiter, and WASP-79b eat grass. However, when this had happened, Orange claimed that grass tasted like poison apples. However when tested it out himself, he was teased by Kepler-186f, Mars, WASP-100b, and Pluto because they thought Jupiter had forced him to eat it. Toward the end of the episode, he got engulfed by the Red Giant Sun.

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