Saturn (Third Season)



Played by

James Cisneros


Knifed (revived)

First Appearance

The Amnesiac Earth

 Saturn (Season 3) was a main antagonist of the episode Amnesiac Earth. He was taking advantages from Jupiter's amnesia and played pranks on him, however this didn't last because Jupiter was remembering that he got his come-uppance when he was knifed, sliced, and chopped up to pieces.

Saturn (Season 3) at glanceEdit

  • Distance: 845,000,000 miles
  • Diameter: 88,700 miles
  • Temperature: -285°F
  • Length of year: 600,000 years
  • Rotation period: 10 hours and  39 minutes
  • Number of moons: 21


Saturn from the third season was based on the real planet of the same name, an LB&SCR A1x class "Terrier" 0-6-0T world, his basis is one of Saturn's minus the great red spot, red strips, and red stripes.


Saturn (Season 3) is painted in a yellowish-white planetary livery of the LB&SCR's.


He may also appear in some more episodes and may return to Season 20.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • James Cisneros (UK/US; nineteenth season onwards)
  • Takeshi Endo (Japan; third season onwards)

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