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WASP-20b's Ghost Planet



Played by

Timmy Nguyen (UK/US)


Engulfed by the Sun

First Appearance

Scaredy Planets (did not speak)

WASP-20b's Ghost Planet was referenced in a story that WASP-20b told the others at halloween. Jupiter later teased Gliese 436b about him that he is real, be learned his lesson after remaining behind the chains. And so Jupiter just heard his lost whistle and he ran away from it because he is afraid that he might get him from unlocking his secrets he is a planet that accomodates hell like Nightmare Earth.


WASP-20b's Ghost Planet is based on the Caledonian astronomy "McIntosh 812" 0-6-0's. His basis one of Baret 3 or Baret 4's minus the color blue and bands of clouds.


He also appeared in some new episodes and return to Season 19.

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